A program at Morehead State is helping students achieve their dreams of success. 

The DREAMS program is dedicated to retention, education and academic success. It provides academic and personal support for African American, Latino, Hispanic or any underrepresented students. The program is focused on building mentor-mentee relationships with students and helping them navigate college while creating a safe place for them to express themselves. 

Myiah Clemons runs the program in addition to directing the diversity center. Clemons was in the DREAMS program as an undergraduate and now connects students with the resources they need to succeed 

“It helps people get into their image, into who they think they are and find themselves,” said Clemons. “We say the sky is the limit. Be intentional with everything you do.” 

Hope Keeylen, a senior majoring in strategic communications and minoring in dance, applied for DREAMS on her MSU application.  

“I wanted to join because I knew I was coming to a predominately white institution, and I wanted to know where people that look like me would be and how I would feel the most comfortable.”  

Having moved from Louisville, Keeylen experienced culture shock when she first moved to a small town. Being a mentee in the DREAMS program her freshman year helped her come out of her shell and made her feel like she mattered at this university.  

“As soon as I stepped into the room it was just a different atmosphere, it makes you feel welcomed,” said KeeylenI feel like I stepped into my purpose more than I ever would if this place didn’t exist. It makes you feel comfortable expressing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone into who you feel like you should be.” 

Zach Clemons is an exercise science major at MSU and received a full ride scholarship through the DREAMS program. Zach said that coming from a different small town made it hard to start meeting new people, but DREAMS allowed him to make connections and take in new perspectives. 

“Especially as a freshman it’s hard to meet new people, but you’ve got to be comfortable with the uncomfortable,” said Zach. “Being here is a sense of belonging. It’s like a home away from home.” 

The diversity center will be hosting many upcoming events, such as diversity as a slice of life, soul food dinner, ladies' lunch and a women’s march. 

For more information about the program, students can email Myiah Clemons at mclemons2@moreheadstate.edu or look under the diversity center tab on MSU’s website to find an application.