The first annual Pet Costume Contest was held at Morehead’s city park on Saturday and featured furry companions which included dogs and even a few goats, hosted by Roll Over Rolled Ice Cream Shop.

“Halloween has always been my favorite time of year,” said Angie Nelson, co-owner of Roll Over. “I saw that the city was starting to advertise what they were going to do in August. So, I got ahold of the city officials, and they said 2 p.m. by the Splash Pad sounds great.”

Nelson is dedicated to making Morehead a more pet friendly community as their local business has continued to grow.

“I didn’t really know a lot of people last year. We did a scavenger hunt, but that was when another wave of COVID-19 came around,” said Nelson. “But now that we have a bigger place, and a lot more community support, I figured this year was better than last to start hosting dog friendly events.”

The contest had animals dressed up as everything from sharks to Buzz Lightyear, and even a Tiger King cosplay.

The turnout for the event had more than 20 pets participate, and there were plenty of spectators as well, ranging from locals to people from other counties.   

“There's not a lot of activities involving pets and pet parents, so this is a fun way to start interacting with the community.” said Nelson

Mylah Mckenzie, 9, and her dog Weller won best overall costume as a cop and inmate.