• December 11, 2019

Southern MuskyFEST splashes into Morehead - The Trail Blazer: Life & Arts

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Southern MuskyFEST splashes into Morehead

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Posted: Monday, February 25, 2019 4:22 pm

Fishermen sunk their hooks into the fourth annual Southern MuskyFEST at the Morehead Conference Center over the weekend. 

The exhibition the focused on the promotion of fishing of muskellunge, colloquially known as the musky. The musky is the largest member of the pike family of fish.

The exhibition was started by Tony Grant and Gregg Thomas, two fishermen that run guides on Cave Run Lake. 

“We do shows all over the country, for musky only, just like this one,” said Tony Grant, who has been running musky guides for 30 years. “We thought Kentucky needed one. We’re all musky fishermen here, and work on the lake.”

Grant estimated that his lodge alone runs musky fishing guides for at least a 1000 people a year on Cave Run Lake, which has been identified by some as the “Musky Capital of the South.”

The event featured multiple vendors from various states showing off a variety of custom lures specialized for attracting muskies. 

“A lot of these guys make these lures at home. It just a good way to get out, and they had to drive 500 miles to do it before we started the show,” added Grant.

Seeing the smile on people’s faces is what is all about, according to Grant referring to videos and photos on display at the exhibition of people holding their catches.  

“These guys have no way to buy much musky stuff. Up north, the musky is one of the biggest fish. In the south, bass is the biggest fish,” said Grant, explaining why he and Thomas started the exhibition. 

Grant also said they wanted to get more kids involved in musky fishing.

“Fishing is something you do when you’re young, medium and old,” Grant said. “You can leave it and come back. Leave it and come back.”