Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) sparked a passion in the hearts of students to take a stand for racial equality and justice February 20, 2019.

Two members of the Louisville SURJ coordinating team, Mark Steiner and Kelly Mccall, spoke with Morehead State University students and faculty about standing up for racial equality on Wednesday in ADUC. 

“There is so much destruction done in movements when people keep judging each other, kicking each other out of the movement, or making them incredibly uncomfortable,” said Steiner. “That opportunity to call people in will build a movement. I want to be called in not called out.”

Calling people in rather than out is one of the seven core values of SURJ that make it the organization that it is.

SURJ is a national organization that hopes to reach an equal world through the cooperation of a large multi-racial majority for justice with passion and accountability, whose goal is to undermine white supremacy.

 Steiner and Mccall held an open discussion with the students and faculty in attendance about racial inequality on campus, peaceful protests and why it is an important for people of all backgrounds to stand together and fight for racial equality.

“I feel like my humanity is bound up with everyone else’s humanity and until everyone is free I am not free,” said Mccall.

 Mccall said racial injustice is the most important work of our time and that until everything is evaluated through that lens, they can’t fix the problems that plague America.

 “The biggest obstacle are people who stand with you but are too afraid to stand up,” said Kayla Bowen, the Cultural Coordinator for the Campus Activities Board.

Bowen said she felt this was an important event to organize because it created a non-hostile environment to talk about and bring together a group against white supremacy. 

“If we all unite in the fight for equality, then we’ll raise our children that equality is the right and only way to live in a peaceful and respectable society,” said Epiphany Clarkson, a senior sociology major.