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Morehead State University will debut an ambitious program to get alumni more involved within the student community.

Emily Wiley and Brooke Hardin, both alumni ambassadors, were determined to help both students and alumni form lasting professional relationships while giving students a sense of normalcy during the ongoing pandemic through Eagle Flight School, a mentorship program designed to match students with alumni who work in the students’ respective field of study.

“After we went home for COVID-19 in March, Brooke Hardin and I sat down and discussed what would be best for students during this time because we knew once we came back to campus there wouldn’t be many activities for students to do in person,” said Wiley, the SGA student body president.

The goal of the program is to enable students to form valuable career-based connections and give a realistic outlook for what it would be like to work in their field of choice, while showing them the importance of being an active alum.

While Eagle Flight School is still in its early stages, Wiley and Hardin are optimistic that the program will become more widely available after the fall semester.

“The big goal is to open this up to as many MSU students as possible,” said Hardin. “As student alumni ambassadors, we get the chance to work with alumni all the time, but we realize that many students don’t get that option.”

Despite efforts being made to give students a meaningful outlet for their time, Wiley’s main concern centers around the lack of academic and career driven activities available to students.

“You look at campus life and there’s a lot of social activities, but I don’t see many academic or career-based activities,” said Wiley. “I think career development is a very big aspect of going to a university. It’s kind of overlooked.”