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MSU freshmen produce show to help new students

Charlee Harmon | Staff | | Posted: Saturday, November 3, 2018 8:27 pm

A group of Morehead State freshman teamed up to produce a brand new show for MSUTV.

The show, titled Discover, launched in September and aims to show new students all that Morehead State has to offer.

“We had a couple meetings to finalize an idea, but at the end, we decided on a show made by first-year students for first-year students,” said Nate Watkins, host and producer of the show.

Discover focuses mainly on organizations and events on campus, and occasionally features Morehead State majors or minors. Nate hopes the show will continue to branch out from there.

“I have been lucky enough to see that Morehead has millions of amazing opportunities if you only look for them,” he said. “Discover hopes to be an ‘encyclopedia’ of sorts, gathering those opportunities and presenting them to the public.”

Of the ten-person crew, only two had ever worked on an MSUTV program before.

“Our crew was amazing, and even though we were almost completely new, in less than two weeks we had learned how to completely make our sets, work the technology, and run the show,” said Watkins.

From the lights to the cameras, they do everything on their own.

Discover has had an exceptionally positive reaction from MSUTV viewers so far, and has settled into second place for most-watched MSUTV show.