Nestled in the hills of the Daniel Boone National Forest near Morehead, Ky., Lockegee Rock has been used as a go-to party place, as well as a scenic meeting spot.

Alexandra Smith, The Baptist Campus Ministry’s President, uses the location for meetings to get out of a routine setting, despite the other reputation the rock formation holds, injuries from falls.  

“I would say it’s decently safe, but some people would probably disagree,” said Smith. 

Although most injuries are minor, there have been incidents where people have fallen and been severely injured. 

“Definitely go with someone who has gone before and is comfortable,” said Smith. “The key is just doing what the people in front of you do.” 

Lockegee, located along Clack Mountain Road, is a very popular hiking area with Morehead State University students.

The trail leading to Lockegee Rock is generally easily traversed. It is used mainly for hiking year-round and the southern view is Cave Run Lake. Many people enjoy utilizing the rocks unimpeded view to observe sunrises and sunsets. 

While it is now a generation-old rite of passage, people still need to take precautions to not be reckless. Lockegee should remain a fun place that remains unimpeded by others disregard for basic safety, so that the tradition may remain intact.  

“Stay on the trail,” said Smith. “Always stay on the trail.”