Luke Trapp

Luke Trapp, Pre-vet major at Morehead State University, assists in giving hay rides to those attending the Browning Orchard Festival on September 30, 2018 in Fleming County, Ky.

The Browning Orchard Festival has been canceled this year.

Morehead State University’s annual festival has been halted as students and faculty from the Department of Agricultural Sciences work to care for the orchard after a late frost harmed it. Until the tree population has been brought back up, the festival will remain on hold.

 “We’re working specifically on the health of the trees and the land at the orchard,” said MSU Farm Manager Joe Fraley in a press release. “A late frost in May killed out all the apples for this year. We plan on having the festival again as soon as we are confident in the health and longevity of the trees.”

The festival is typically held each September by the MSU Department of Agricultural Sciences and Office of Alumni Relations and Development.

The event features live music, apple picking, hayrides around the orchard, pony rides and a variety of kid activities.

The annual draws nearly 2,000 community members together to celebrate the start of fall. 

According to Fraley new trees are being planted to replace those damaged by the frost and that it could take a few years for the orchard to be back to the condition before the frost. The department is using this time as an opportunity to focus on other improvements to the orchard property as well.