Makayla Holder

Makayla Holder 

Makayla Holder received the Hobbs Endowment for Equality Scholarship, a fund created by Toni Hobbs to benefit LGBTQIA+ students.

The scholarship was made for students who do not receive adequate financial support who have supported the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Overall I would just say I’ve been rather vocal about different experiences in the community and things like that,” said Holder, a Creal Springs, Illinois native. “As with my sexuality, it’s not something I learned about really early on. Rather it’s something I learned about later on and I probably could have saved myself a lot of grief and a lot of horrible situations I got into had I found a word I identified with sooner.”

The move to Morehead from Illinois helped Holder to come to terms with and understand her sexuality.

“Overall it hasn’t been any more difficult than it was back home, but it wasn’t that difficult back home because I hadn’t come to terms with anything then,” she said. “It was when I actually came onto the college campus and when I was here during my first year that things actually started to click to me, because it is actually more accepting than it was back home.”

Holder, who identifies as panromantic asexual, found being chosen for the scholarship to be more impactful as it was from Hobbs, her former professor.

“I really do look up to Toni, and I’ve only had one class with her but I do admire her and appreciate her and the work that she does,” said Holder, the Trail Blazer managing editor. “She can be kind of abrasive, which I’m rather abrasive, so it just sort of means a lot to me coming from someone who I look up to so much.”