An annual pancake tradition has returned to support students during finals.

The Baptist College Ministry welcomed students Sunday night to their Finals Pancake Week to eat free pancakes and destress for finals.

“It’s fantastic, all the excitement. It’s great to see students for one eating, and then to go study so they’ll do well tomorrow,” said Tony Norman, a BCM faculty. “It’s a ministry to students because they are under pressure ready to get the semester over and this is something that lessens that and gives them a little bit of new excitement and a break before they go back to studying again.”

This semester’s week of pancakes is the first one back at the BCM building on campus after Covid-19 policies prevented it last year.

“It has been like a real finals week,” said Chloe Whitlock, an MSU senior. “We were actually able to go to it before [the pandemic] and it’s nice.”

Along with pancakes, the BCM served warmed butter, melted peanut butter and hot syrup for students to enjoy with one another as they get ready for winter break amidst their finals.

“I have a really stressful final tomorrow, but I’m having fun while I’m here,” said Griffin Ewell, an MSU senior. “It’s always nice here.”

Pancakes are served by BCM student members and even faculty, and many volunteered for the very first time.

“I’m really pleased with the turnout. I don’t know what it’s normally like, but the turnout seems to be amazing.” said Lynn Handshoe, a BCM faculty member who experienced their pancake tradition for the first time.

The BCM will host pancake nights from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night.