Morehead State has updated its website. 

To celebrate a milestone semester of MSU’s centennial as a public university, a brand-new website was launched September 20 to better suit the needs for faculty, staff, current and prospective students.

“We decided we needed some significant changes about a year ago and completely scratched the previous website and started over,” said April Hobbs Nutter, director of strategic communications. “People don’t understand how much research goes into building a website.”

The renovated website was a collaborative effort between MSU’s Office of Communications and Marketing and Stamats, a higher education marketing company.

New aspects include user-friendly navigational tools, a mountain topographic as well as imagery and video footage of Morehead State’s campus and student body.

The release of the new website comes a year later after MSU’s complete rebranding in July 2021, which include replacing fonts and switching the University’s tagline to ‘Soar Higher’.

“We wanted a way to connect the changes to our region, we are proud to be an Appalachian school and we have a very long history of being a light to the mountains,” said Toni Hobbs, director of digital and brand strategy. 

Nutter said analytics and student-composed focus groups were used to receive feedback on how they utilized the previous website. This information was then used to ensure that current and prospective students benefited from the updates.

“As much as the website could potentially be the first impression for a prospective student, we want to make sure it meets the needs of our current students,” said Nutter. “Students rely on this website for information, scheduling, and activities on campus and I’m really hopeful it’s going to give them a smoother experience.”

Despite the various upgrades, some students have complained about the technical issues since the website was launched.

“I think it’s prettier than the previous website but none of the links were functional,” said Darion Ball, a junior biology major at MSU. “The previous website had always been difficult to navigate, so I’m looking forward to seeing the updates once the links are fixed.” 

The website will continue to undergo construction as any additional technical issues arise.