Rarden, Ohio Times are tough for many community members in the small town of Rarden, but hot meals are making a difference. 

Pam Syroney decided to make this difference. 

 “God revealed to me that I needed to do this,” said Syroney, Founder of The Rarden Daily Bread. “I started having nightmares about who this could affect or who could starve if I didn’t and I never have dreams."

The Rarden Daily Bread began serving meals at the beginning of March and serves seven days a week from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. At first 20 to 30 meals were being served, but now they average around 100 per day

“I started going to meetings in January on how to start a soup kitchen to learn how to help get people food and their electricity turned on,” said Syroney.

Due to COVID19 the possibilities of a full soup kitchen had to be put on hold, and shortly after opening, sit-down meals were no longer allowed to take place

But that did not stop them from serving. 

“Friends started to help and people in the community began donating items to help,” said Syroney.

At first Syroney and friends prepared the food in their own kitchens every day to take to serve at the Rarden Senior Community Center, but then other groups like churches, teachers and squads began offering to prepare and serve meals for different days of the week as well.

Then Syroney began receiving donations of bulk items to help.

Some who receive meals have donated desserts they made to serve to others who are in need.

“There are no requirements, no address, no income, just a free hot meal,” said Syroney.

Community members can also pick up meals for neighbors. There has been 4,895 meals served in two months with growing numbers daily.

Syroney said she has felt extremely blessed being able to provide food for the community.

“I don’t have to worry about 100 people being hungry,” said Syroney. “It has impacted the community like you wouldn’t believe.”