Emily Wiley

A portrait of Emily Wiley. Contributed by Emily Wiley.

A Morehead State student has been elected to serve on the Kentucky Board of Student Body Presidents, KBSBP.

Emily Wiley, president of MSU’s Student Government Association, will serve as the vice chair of the KBSBP after years of involvement on campus.

“Coming into Morehead I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life,” said Wiley, a London, Kentucky native. “I originally planned to be an international sales representative for private industries. I then joined student government and realized my heart lies in advocacy for people that can’t come to the table.”

Wiley joined SGA during her freshman year of college and began on her long journey of advocacy.

She also served as a student alumni ambassador, a resident advise, and a member of both Delta Zeta and Delta tau Alpha. Through these positions, she has grown personally and professionally.

Many believe it is her work ethic and dedication that got her elected to the KBSBP.

“Every day I see Emily in the office and she’s not just in the office doing nothing,” said John Greene, SGA Chief of Staff. “She always has a project and has the best work ethic out of anybody I’ve seen in SGA.” 

She hopes to be able to provide outreach to students at a higher education that have no idea where to even start and thinks everyone should be knowledgeable about their school legislature. 

“I think it is important for every student in higher education to know what goes on with their state and federal legislature,” said Wiley, an agriculture business major. “Making sure that when they do budget allocations their voices are heard, and that legislature know that we are there and we will be fighting for our funding and making sure higher education is prioritized.” 

Wiley’s goal is to give others hope as well as a voice with her new position as vice chair.

“Knowing that I can at least change and impact one person each day is what makes me feel like I have accomplished something,” said Wiley. “The days that you pull off a win for the people you advocate for are the best ones.”