Janet Ratcliff

A portrait of Janet Ratcliff. Photo by Morehead State University.

A passion for teaching business earned one professor a teaching grant to develop a new entrepreneurship course geared towards high school students.

Janet Ratcliff, who teaches courses in entrepreneurship for middle and high school students and competition development in the School of Business Administration, is going to create a how-to guide for starting a business aimed at high schoolers through a new course. 

“I thought if we could create a how-to guide to help other high school students who have an interest in creating a business, that it could open up many doors for other students all over,” said Ratliff, a West Liberty native. “It could change the circumstance of their life.”

One of her objectives is to help educate students on entrepreneurship.

She said teams of university students will meet with high school students to figure out which businesses would succeed in certain areas. 

“If we realize that we all offer something and have wonderful skills, that we could do something that could help us make an income, then I think that’s important to know about ourselves,” said Ratcliff. 

The project’s grant is partnered with Hazard High School. 

Ratcliff said her mother was the one who inspired her dream and pursuit of teaching. 

“My mom treated me like a little adult and so I always thought I might like to teach on the college level because I felt more comfortable with adults really than I did children,” said Ratliff.

“I have loved every minute of being a teacher on a college level. I have loved it. I love it every day.”