Morehead State’s Cicero Society will host their first ever virtual presentation.

The presentation, sponsored by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, invited Dr. Nathan Schlueter of Hillsdale College to discuss the MSU Cicero Society’s most recent topic of dystopia today, with the novel “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley on Wednesday, November 18 at 6:00 p.m.

“Oddly enough we started reading this dystopian fiction book the semester that Covid came to the U.S.,” said Mick Seither, president of the Cicero Society. “We had to end our discussion of it because of separating and going home. This moved us into having to find a new way to meet and discuss, which is what got us online.”

“Brave New World” includes heavy themes like consumerism, sex and drugs, but its narrative on community and individualism has become more prevalent during the pandemic.

“Having to deal with isolation due to Covid, and then also having to find that new community in isolation while dealing with those new definitions of what it means to be, does synthesize very well,” said Seither, a Bourbon County native.

Schlueter is a professor of philosophy and religion as well as a published author who will be discussing what Huxley’s novel means and how it relates to our current day.

“He’s a professional. It’s going to be exciting to see someone who is trained to analyze this kind of text really dive deep into it,” said Seither. “We’re going to be exploring all the themes of Brave New World, so even if you haven’t read the book you should absolutely attend.”

The Cicero Society continues, now virtually, to enjoy discussing philosophy, politics, civics and theology through classic books and presenting these ideas to their campus community.

“We all worked together and worked hard to build a server online so that we could still hold meetings,” said Seither. “We like to host presentations about the book that we’re reading or about the topics that are most important to us.”

To participate in this event join through For more information on the Cicero Society and their remote presentation, contact Seither at or reach out on Twitter at @MSU_Cicero.