An interest to see students succeed prompted Lora Pace to become head director of first year programs at Morehead State University.

Pace’s dedication to first year seminar classes stems from her own experiences as an MSU graduate and motivates her to teach the course and help her students.

“I’ve said many times that it’s the best job on campus.” said Pace. “If the president offered me any other job on campus, I wouldn’t take it. I’m really where I love to be.”

The program began with honors students in a class labeled MSU 101 in 1987. After high success rates, it was offered to other students on campus and now is required as freshman course.  

The course transformed over the years to seek the best way to prepare freshmen for college. The main focus of the course is to help students transition into college expectations after graduating from high school.

Pace stressed that it is now the student’s responsibility for their own success.

“It is really up to them if they are going to succeed or not,” said Pace. “I can throw out all these tools and strategies, but it really is the student utilizing those things and deciding this is what they’re going to do.”

The first-year seminar classes are now taught by faculty with diverse backgrounds, each influencing their students in their own way.

“We have a lot of staff teaching this class and they’re dedicated to the students,” said Pace. “First year programs are important and I hope that it extends way beyond my time here and it just gets better and better.”