Estil Stone with 2 of his grandchildren, 3 of his children, and his wife. Photo submitted by Estil Stone

Estil Stone, a self-employed businessman, is going back to school to enhance his retirement years.

Stone operates two construction companies, but at 56-years-old he is pursuing a Space Systems Engineering degree at Morehead State, instead of having a quiet retirement. While he doesn’t have plans for using his degree, he hopes to challenge himself with new concepts.

“I’m really doing it for my retirement years, to just have something to do while I’m retired instead of go fishing,” said Stone, a Lexington resident.

While his plans may be uncertain, his hopes are high. Stone said he may even take his knowledge of business and turn his new degree into a second company for himself.

As a freshman, it was a shock to Stone how much he enjoyed his courses, especially outside of his degree like complex math and calculus. COVID-19 has forced Stone to go completely online this semester, but that doesn’t hinder the experience for him.

Stone’s advice to anyone who is thinking about getting a degree for their retirement is to make sure they do something they are passionate about, because it’s not easy work but it’s worth it.

“You got to be really be interested in learning,” said Stone. “It’s not easy. It’s tough work.”