Adeline Nicholson poses for a photo for the 2020 MSU softball roster. Photo submitted by Adeline Nicholson

The current pandemic and an intense shoulder injury pose a threat to one Morehead State University softball player’s ability to play in the spring.

Adeline Nicholson, a senior, transferred in her sophomore year from a Division II college in Pennsylvania and this year’s season has been cut short.

“Last semester in one week, the softball team played our first home game of the season, saw our season be cancelled via Twitter and then were sent home,” said Nicholson, a native of Scottdale, Pennsylvania.

Like most all other sports, Covid-19 has postponed athletes from being able to play in their traditional settings.

“Just like the rest of the student population, I am struggling to find certainty in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic,” said Nicholson, a strategic communications major.

She also suffers from an overused shoulder injury.

“It started hurting really bad in January when we got back to school, so I only threw in games,” Nicholson said. Once softball season was officially cancelled last spring, she decided to proceed with surgery.

The surgery repaired a glenoid fracture, bursitis and two labrum tears. Nicholson is now in rehab to regain her strength before the spring season is projected to start.

Nicholson hopes to have her full motion back and return to the field in the spring for her final season as an Eagle, but can’t throw, hit or run while she’s in rehab.

Even though she has only been with MSU’s softball team for a short period of time, Nicholson believes that it has been the right fit for her.

“Attending Morehead has been one of the best decisions I have ever made,” she said. “I was uncertain of how things would go moving out of my home state for the first time but MSU and MSU softball welcomed me with open arms. I have made so many lifelong connections over the past year here.”

The softball season is projected to begin in the spring.