A LinkedIn Lab was hosted by the Morehead State’s Career and Development Center on Wednesday for students to create or strengthen their existing LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking website and has allowed users to branch out and grow their careers through creating professional relationships with organizations in their career path.

“It’s never too early for a student to start making connections,” said Megan Boone, director of the Career Center.

The lab offered a great hands-on opportunity for students of all majors to build their own professional brands.

“The lab helped me learn what professional language to use on LinkedIn,” said Emmy Jagieoo, a business and marketing major at MSU.

Many of the students in attendance had never made an account on the site and were starting from scratch, while others came in with fully developed profiles. The Career Center was happy to help these students out, regardless of their experience.

LinkedIn is also a great way for students to track their accomplishments throughout their college career, which can be immensely helpful when building a resume.

 “By the time you’re a senior here at Morehead State, you may forget what you did your first year,” said Boone. “But if you track these things with LinkedIn, it’ll always be there.”

If students ever needed to connect with MSU Alumni, LinkedIn would be their best bet. There are over 20,000 Alumni profiles on the site.

The Career Center hopes to see students continue to engage and grow their profiles on LinkedIn as a result of the lab.