• December 11, 2019

Does a ghost haunt Nunn Hall? - The Trail Blazer: Life & Arts

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Does a ghost haunt Nunn Hall?

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Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 2:37 am

A female student did fall to her death from a Nunn Hall balcony in the 1970s — but her name wasn’t Penelope.

Rumors have floated around campus about the “ghost of Nunn Hall” for decades. Some believe her name is Penelope, but there are different names and stories about the spirit who many claim lingers the halls.

An article in a past edition of The Trail Blazer sheds light on the possible origin of the myth. It provides detail about a woman who actually died near Nunn Hall.

Her name was Dora Deloris Ball, she was 20 years old and majored in early education at Morehead State University. She didn’t live in Nunn, she was a resident of Mignon Hall. She was reportedly visiting a friend on Oct. 14, 1971. She was there for only about 15 minutes when she fell out of an upper-floor window, landing on the roof of the Nunn Hall lobby.

Ball was found at 10:45 p.m. and passed away in Lexington on Oct. 15, 1971 at 1:32 a.m. The article was published in Vol. 41, Issue No. 9 of The Trail Blazer on Oct. 19, 1971, the following Tuesday.

Students currently living in Nunn Hall have mixed opinions on the idea of a ghostly presence.

Sophomores Derek Vashe and Sarah Ginter said they have never experienced anything out of the ordinary and they do not believe in the ghost. Junior Austin Frasure, a former resident adviser in Nunn, said he experienced paranormal activity last summer. He said “lights would turn on and things moved around,” but he does not believe in the rumors.

Sophomore Amanda Charles said she sometimes feels a “creepy” presence when she is alone on the elevator and said things would “move out of place.” Charles said she feels uneasy on the seventh and ninth floors and she does believe in the “Penelope” ghost.

Two freshmen, Sydnee Bradley and Kiana Gilbert, both said they have had some odd experiences. Bradley said her roommate heard someone pounding on the door, hard enough to make the windows shake. But, they brushed it off as someone just playing a drunken prank. Bradley said she doesn’t believe in “Penelope.”

Glibert said when she is alone in her room and in the shower she’ll hear doors open and things move, but she doesn’t believe it to be paranormal either.

While some will argue that the myth is real, “Penelope” could just be a tall tale based on the accident involving Miss Ball.