Jamie Phipps

Jamie Phipps poses for a portrait at Morehead State’s Eagle Diversity Education Center August 25, 2021 in Morehead, Ky. Photo by Glorias Clark | The Trail Blazer.

The dreams and futures of diverse students will be celebrated by new leadership at Morehead State’s diversity center.

Jamie Phipps, assistant chief diversity officer for student activities at MSU’s Eagle Diversity Education Center, became the new director of affairs following the departure of Cory Clark. The experience has become a full-circle moment for Phipps.

“[It’s] just like a life-changing opportunity,” said Phipps, who graduated from MSU with a degree in psychology. “I would have never pictured that now I’m the person that can actually bring about that change and bring that positive energy into this position.”

Phipps said she saw the opportunity as a way to celebrate and shed light on the different forms of diversity to help students and faculty better understand the depth of diversity.

“We see diversity a lot of the times as just someone that’s not Caucasian,” said Phipps, a Cincinnati, Ohio native. “There are so many things that can make someone diverse.”

Her goal is to address all forms of diversity on campus and allow students to identify what can be improved. 

‘[Students] identify things that can be improved or things that can be better than what they are,” said Phipps. “They identify things on their campus that they do and don’t like.”

The EDEC will host events throughout the semester to honor campus diversity with their upcoming event being a Multicultural Showcase September 11. 

Students that are interested in learning more about diversity can contact edec@moreheadstate.edu or go to room 207 of the Adron Doran University Center.