Lauren Barbieri

A portrait of Lauren Barbieri. Submitted by Lauren Barbieri.

A positive Covid-19 test resulted in the music department forcing Lauren Barbieri and her roommates to self-isolate in their dorm room for five days.

Barbieri and her roommates quarantined themselves from Sunday, October 18 until Thursday, October 22 after receiving a call from health services saying that they might have had contact with Covid-19. Saint Claire Medical Center had an influx of music department students and professors needing to get tested.

“People who had been in contact with the person who tested positive had been in contact with one of our roommates,” said Barbieri, a commercial music major at Morehead State University.

Students are required to isolate when they have been in contact with someone who tested positive for longer than 15 minutes without a mask. The number of students and community members getting tested caused a long wait time for Barbieri.

“Two hours maybe, we were waiting to get tested,” she said.

Barbieri said the situation could have been handled a little better. Every question asked was met with a vague answer, and Saint Claire was hard to cooperate with.

“It was very inconsistent about who got their results when and the ability to have access to your results,” she said. “It was frustrating, but it could have been more frustrating.”

The self-isolation experience was also frustrating for the group of college girls. Being locked in their small dorm room for five days together was difficult. After isolation, all roommates received negative results and were able to leave their dorm.

“It’s maddening! It’s just so easy to get so irritated with people because they’re just existing too close to you for too long,” said Barbieri.