A new engineering program, the first of its kind in Kentucky, is coming to Morehead State University in the Fall of 2020.

The Bachelor of Science in Systems Integration Engineering, BSSIE, has been approved by the Kentucky Council of Postsecondary Education (CPE) after several years of being in the works. Ahmad Zargari, Associate Dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science said the program is considered to be an innovative initiative because of its leading force.

“The industries told us what they need, who they need,” said Zargari. “It is driven by employers not the faculty.”

MSU’s Engineering and Technology Management Industrial Advisory Board, which is comprised of representatives from various engineering companies, have been working with the school to develop a program that supplied them with workers that had the skills they needed.

“The difference between this one and other existing engineering programs is that program in four years integrates the concepts of electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and design engineering,” said Zargari.

The interdisciplinary program will provide students with a background in mathematics, physics, and three to four different types of engineering to prepare them for the work force.

Zargari said this program will not only help the university and students but also the surrounding economy. 

“It helps development of economy in the region, helps people to get higher level of salaries, and helps the companies to stay here or to move here,” said Zargari.

The university has been hiring faculty and purchasing equipment for this degree since 2002 according to Zargari and because of the over $1,000,000 dollars in grants they have received from various companies and organizations it has cost the university roughly nothing (outside of faculty) as they continue to upgrade the program.