The Phi Beta Sigma fraternity has given Alontà Linton an outlet to help his community.

Linton has applied himself to his fraternity by becoming vice president twice before moving up the pole and reaching the head of the organization. The fraternity works to ensure all members care for each other and their community.

“When it comes to frats, you have to find one that fits you personally,” said Linton. “Our brothers are all over the place with different majors and personalities. You do need to make sure you connect with your chapter, but you do not have to change up for anybody else. You can still be you.”

The fraternity is historically black, but they are open and willing take in others of different ethnicities as well.

“We are the exclusively, not the inclusively,” said Linton. “What that means is that we are open to everyone.”

Phi Beta Sigma is based on principles of brotherhood, scholarship, and service. Their motto is “cultural services and services for humanity.” By doing this, the fraternity have helped The Black Lives Matter Movement, the Wild-life Foundation, the American Cancer Society and the homeless in homeless shelters.

“We try to dip in every cup that we can, to try and make the world better,” said Linton

As part of the goals of the fraternity, they partnered up with Doves of Gateway on Martin Luther King Day to help the domestic violence victims. They were inspired to reach out and help the community during the pandemic. This year the frat set out donation boxes across campus for residents of the shelter.

Being a part of the fraternity has helped Linton feel included, secure and safe, and to help others to achieve the same thing.

“We are the best, from east to the west,” said Linton.