Morehead State University’s Baptist Campus Ministry, BCM, has gone virtual and set new precautions after a student tested positive for Covid-19.

Mathew Fofield , the BCM minister, said the Tuesday Night Live Watch Party and Thursday bible worship will move online for two consecutive weeks, and upon return to in-person activities, further precautions will be taken.

“We think of this place, this organization, as a family. We want to keep everyone safe as possible,” said Fofield, the BCM minister of four years. 

Previous to the Covid-19 case, members would have their temperatures checked upon arrival and once entering the building scan a QR code with standardized questions to regulate people who might be potentially exposed.

“Someone is going through those surveys in real time and ensuring no red flags are shown,” said Fofield. “There’s no lingering or anything like that.”.

The BCM will now be adding additional safety measures such as a second QR code. 

“We do that initial check in when they first come in the building, but we didn’t necessarily track which room or group they were in,” said Fofield, a Summerset, KY native. “What I want to do moving forward, is another QR code that shows where they are, what room there in, and who’s in there with them. Safety is important to us.”

To encourage new students to the BCM in an unfamiliar time, team leaders are welcoming students to get free coffee at the local Fuzzy Duck and answering any question they might have. 

The ministry will be back open for in-person events starting Thursday, November 5, and are looking forward to people participating. 

“We are taking a more personal approach rather than large events. College students are facing tremendous challenges and stress,” said Fofield. “I believe the gospel will give us hope in these trying times.”